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About PoCheMoN COST Action

Polyoxometalates (POMs) are molecular metal oxides with dimensions in the nanometer range. Their uniquely versatile properties provide the basis for advances in catalysis, alternative energy sources, magnetic, electronic and photonic devices and medicine that are crucial to European science and technology. However, the global pre-eminence of European POM research is currently jeopardized by a rapid growth in activity in China, India and Pacific Rim states, where POM chemistry is recognized as critically important.

The main objective of PoCheMoN is to accelerate POM-based Molecular Nanoscience by creating a coherent network for world-leading education and research in POM chemistry. This first overarching COST Action in this area will consolidate the European POM community and promote strategic and efficient POM research through collaboration, thereby creating a readily accessible knowledge base for the rapid uptake of POM chemistry into Molecular Nanoscience and generating breakthrough technologies through links with aligned disciplines and companies. Coordinated mobility will engender new research collaborations, training exchanges and rapid dissemination of results, thereby protecting key skills, growing the skill-base of early-stage researchers and enhancing research output to ensure that Europe benefits from sector leadership into the future in the face of strong competition from the rapidly expanding far-east effort.

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