Working Groups

Working Groups

Working Group 1: Catalysis and energy

  • Water splitting
  • Carbon dioxide reduction
  • Multi-functional nanoscale catalytic assemblies

Working Group 2: Hybrid POMs for electronics

  • Surface immobilisation of functional
  • POMs and construction of superlattices
  • Understanding electronic interactions between redox-active POMs and conductive surfaces

Working Group 3: Molecular nanomagnetism and POM-based molecular spintronics

  • Design, synthesis and characterisation of molecular nanomagnets and spin qubits
  • Organization / immobilization of magnetic POMs on surfaces / electrodes and study of the magneto-transport properties
  • Spin electronic devices based on POMs

Working Group 4: Biological applications and emergent systems

  • POM-biomolecule interactions in synthetic biology
  • Autocatalysis and evolution in directed assembly

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