The aim of the Action is to provide a platform for coordination and cooperation in European polyoxometalate (POM) research that will accelerate advances in (i) fundamental polyoxometalate chemistry and (ii) world-leading polyoxometalate-based molecular nanoscience.


PoCheMoN will make a significant contribution to the ERA (European Research Area) in terms of shared capability, training and coordinated research with regard to the following objectives.

High-level objectives

  • Invigorate and grow European POM research
  • Provide coordinated broad-based training for ESRs
  • Accelerate advances in fundamental POM chemistry
  • Develop world-leading POM-based Molecular Nanotechnology
  • Create new technology with POM-based Molecular Nanoscience

Specific scientific objectives

  • Develop a wider range of rational POM synthesis methods.
  • Advance state of the art analytical techniques for POM chemistry and POM-based Molecular Nanotechnology.
  • Develop improved computational methods for POMs.
  • Achieve precise manipulation of POMs on surfaces – from monolayers to single molecules

Deliverables against these objectives

  • A higher profile for European POM research within Europe and worldwide
  • New ambitious joint research projects
  • Increased number of joint publications from PoCheMoN participants
  • High profile international meetings on POM science held in Europe
  • Fabrication of one or more devices using POM-based Molecular Nanotechnology


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